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Aprisa offers full service Die-Cast solutions. Our capabilities include die design, die manufacturing, casting, machining, finishing, and assembly. We work with you to develop the most rational solution from the point of view of production technique and create a prototype ready for standard production. Our optimized, flexible and customer-oriented production guarantees that the products we supply carry our quality seal and are delivered on time.

Vertical Integrated Systems

Efficient development of optimum solutions

The expertise of our design professionals and the consistens use of computer-aided technologies save our customers both development time and costs.

You understand what kind of casting you require with an idea, technical drawing (2D), 3D format, budget, and delivery deadline. We will put together with a transparent offer to satisfy your needs. Furthermore, test and inspection methods guarantee that our products are suitable for their intended use, and guarantee the most economical production method.

1. Tooling Design
Die designers, Tooling Engineers and Casting Engineers collaborate to decide the best procedures.
2. Tooling Fabrications
State-of-the-art machine equipment and proprietary technologies used. Repair and maintenance of moulds directly adjacent to the production facility
3. Melting
In-house Centralized melting with efficient furnace keeps high quality.
4. Die Casting
Over 30 years of continuous improvement in high speed and high pressure die casting of zinc and aluminum alloy.

15 aluminum die casting cold chamber machines from 125 Ton to 650 Ton automated robots and ladles.

15 zinc die casting hot chamber machines from 60 Ton to 350 Ton

5. Secondary Operations
We are able to provide customers everything from one stop with trimming, machining, surface treatment, and other finishing.
6. Final Assembly
We are not only a manufacturer, but also a final assembled. We help to customers design a series of assembly system based on functional and cost-effective.
7. Solid Packaging
At Aprisa, we not only manufacture high quality products, but take care more about safety in goods package and loading. Package and loading design are ensured in the beginning of product development by preventing from damage during shipment.

Normally, we design special package according to the customer's requirements.


Engineering Assistance

We use concurrent engineering and get involved at the design phase to assure a very good quality and productivity benefit to the customer for the life of the program.

Aprisa provides customers with from the design through launch to ensure program success :

  • Program quality engineers assigned to each customer will follow their customers’ projects from inception to the production floor.
  • Tooling engineers ensure that the most exacting customer specifications and dimensional criteria are met.
  • Design engineers use the latest CAD technologies to design both product and tooling to the customer's specifications.
  • Resolving castability issues

Design Assistance

Aprisa has extensive experience in middle and small sized casting ranged from 0.01LBto 10LB. To prevent from generating unnecessary cost, we give suggestions.

In implementing the right alloy material, tooling design and manufacturing process according to initial customers’ ideas. Complete simulation analysis:

Prototype Assistance

Aprisa offers solutions to satisfy prototype needs through CAD system. Prototype material is able to be include ABS , AL6061 or others.

Current Product
Stainless Steel material
design to zinc diecast
  3D CAD Data   Rapid prototype ABS
Current product:
design A zine holder for this
design EPDM gasket pad
3D CAD Data   Rapid prototype ABS   Prototype to fit LED   Finish design and Production
3D CAD Data   Rapid prototype ABS   EPDM rubber pad  

Die cast parts Finish

We understand various kinds of finish on casting. Normally, there can be seen with the following:

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Die-Casting Machines:

Today we understand on-time delivery is very important to customers’ core competence. At this moment, we have ten more aluminum and zinc die casting machines, capacity ranged from 60 ton to 800 ton. We are able to deliver high quality with a shorter lead time.

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Secondary operations Machines:

We have precision CNC/MC machining capability in respond to customer requests for finished parts. Furthermore, we utilize a work cell concept that involves high-speed flexible machining equipment and highly trained personnel.

All necessary machining and assembly operations are performed so that when a part or subassembly leaves our facility it is ready to install.

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Quality Inspection test:

Simultaneous engineering at the start of the production origination cycle, state-of-the-art simulation processes at the development stage, QA tools for fault prevention, control mechanisms throughout the process chain and lots, lots more.

Today, cutting-edge quality assurance tools and procedures guarantee high quality capability throughout the product generation process.


Other finish stations:

According to different requests for part finished, we have shot blasting machines, polish machines, and tumbling machines.

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